B.A. in Drama

The 45-unit Bachelor of Arts in Drama offers four areas of emphasis: Performance, Play Development and Dramaturgy, Design and Technical Theatre, and Popular Theatre. The Bachelor of Arts in Drama provides students with a background for advanced study in the dramatic arts for a career in professional theatre, for teaching theatre arts, or as a stepping stone towards higher learning.

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Application Procedure

Prospective students must first apply to the University. Prospective undergraduate students must file a complete application (select DRAMA 10071 as major) for admission. *Please obtain a current Advising Degree Planning Worksheet in the Theatre Office.*

Theatre Production Requirement

All drama majors must take a certain number of production classes for which working on a show as a member of the crew is required. The student may also volunteer services for additional crews for which a unit of credit (THA 315: Theatre Production: Technical Crew) is available. Each crew member must work the number of hours required by the crew head or instructor. The average number of hours worked on lab crew totals 60. Crew operations normally take place afternoons and evenings, beginning about four weeks before performance dates.

Auditions and Rehearsals

Auditions are not required for admission to the program. Auditions for Main Stage productions usually take place at the end of the previous semester and/or during the first two weeks of instruction for the current semester. Rehearsals are generally held in the evening and are over by 11pm. Students cast in Main Stage productions may receive course credit. For individual courses (advanced acting classes) requiring audition, students must attend the first class meeting.

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