Minor in Drama

The 18-unit Minor in Drama is not a requirement for any credential or degree but is intended to give the student an opportunity to pursue an interest in theatre arts on an organized basis. Students may elect to complete a Minor in Drama if it is possible to complete the minor and major within 120 units. Please see the Director of the School of Theatre & Dance for minor advising, during her office hrs. (consult the office) or by appointment.

Recommended Core Course Titles

  • Acting Workshop I

  • Introduction to the Theatre

  • Intro. To Tech Theatre & Design

  • Select one of the following courses:

  • Theatre Backgrounds: 500 BC-1492 (3)

  • Theatre Backgrounds: 1492-1900 (3)

  • Theatre Backgrounds: 1900-Present (3)

  • Electives Chosen on Advisement

View the bulletin for additional information on the minor in Drama

Minor in Drama Video Playlist