About Us

The School of Theatre & Dance offers a comprehensive program of both practical and theoretical courses for undergraduate and graduate students whose interests center in various aspects of educational and professional theatre and/or dance.

The Seagull

As a center for the training of future theatre artists the School of Theatre & Dance is committed to introducing a diversity of theatrical traditions and cultures to students.

Brief History

The School of Theatre & Dance is the leading program of its kind in Northern California, public or private, as well as a highly regarded program nationally. With an average of 400 undergraduate students, it is one of the largest of such programs in the country.

Quick Facts

The School of Theatre & Dance is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). The curricula provide the student with background for advanced study in the dramatic arts for a career in professional theatre, for teaching theatre arts, or as a stepping stone towards higher learning. To this end, the School of Theatre & Dance employs its four theatre spaces as learning laboratories in which students collaborate with faculty and guest professionals; studio workshops and advanced stage productions in those theatres are the culmination of the educational experience.


Graduates of the theatre program are prominent in professional theatre throughout the nation, with positions of leadership in theatre, television, film and theatre education. Majors graduating from the dance program move into a variety of dance-related areas including performance, choreography, musical theatre work and teaching in public schools, private studios and community centers.