Advising FAQs

Step-by-Step Advising Guide / FAQ For All Undergraduate Theatre Majors

You will need a DEGREE PLANNING WORKSHEET for your chosen Emphasis during your first semester at SF State (This worksheet is available in the Theatre & Dance office and lists updated Theatre Arts Major Course CORE Requirements).

Fill out your personal information at the top of the worksheet and write in any SF State required CORE courses with grades and dates taken. Only write in classes taken at SF State that are courses listed as part of the Theatre Arts core and your emphasis. Do not write in transfer courses not yet approved by your advisor - or any courses that are not part of the 45 units of the B.A. in Theatre for your emphasis.

Update this Degree Planning Worksheet every semester.

KEEP this same Degree Planning Worksheet – it’s a document - you will need it when applying for graduation.

Always take the updated worksheet and a recent unofficial SF State transcript when you meet with your advisor every semester. Please follow your advisor’s advice.

If you want to do a minor in Theatre Arts please contact the Theatre & Dance Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses should I take FIRST?

First take ALL LOWER DIVISION COURSES on the Degree Planning Worksheet (courses numbered THA 299 and below). Next, work through the other REQUIRED CORE courses – these are all courses listed with a course name and number on the worksheet e.g. THA 340 Principles of Directing.

Can I take my Theatre Arts Upper Division Electives any time?

Take elective courses for your major in your last year AFTER completing all REQUIRED CORE courses, in order to graduate on time and/or efficiently.

What happens if I leave required core course/s to take in my last semester or two?

The courses you need may not be offered that semester or the schedule may not work .You will probably not be able to graduate the semester you plan to and will have to return to school to take any required core courses. Therefore, prioritize + take them first!

I don’t have a Theatre Arts Advisor, what do I do?

Yes you do! Read below…

Who is my Advisor?

ALL Theatre Arts B.A. degree students have an allocated advisor: Check the list in the Theatre & Dance Office (CA 103).

Do I have to see an Advisor?

Yes, because major or emphasis requirements and semester offerings may change. Your advisor will help you plan your major – and graduate on time.

How often should I see my Advisor?

Visit your advisor once a semester.

When can I visit my Advisor?

The main time to meet with SF State instructors is during drop-in office hours, posted in the school office. Otherwise ask, call or email your advisor to find out their office hours or other availability on campus, to meet with you. Take your Degree Planning Worksheet + transcripts with you for all advising meetings with your advisor.

I have courses from a prior school that I would like considered for courses in my Theatre Arts Major, how do I find out if they are equivalent?

Meet with your advisor with printed copies of your transcripts to discuss your transfer courses, then approach faculty who teach the specific course/s for evaluation. If approved, faculty will sign your worksheet.

Do Community/Junior College courses count for upper division SF State Courses?

No, all C.C. courses are LOWER division. SF State lower division courses are THA 299 or below. Upper division courses are numbered THA 300 and above. Ask your advisor for help with transfer courses + take printed copies of transcripts.

Do all Theatre Arts courses on the Schedule count towards the B.A. Degree?

No. Each emphasis has it’s own list of 45 Units of required core and approved electives. Please see your advisor to make sure you are on track.

How many Units do I need to graduate?

120 units, but they must meet all major, general education and University requirements. Therefore, remember to visit undergraduate general education advisors on campus for advising about general education and University requirements.