Advising FAQs

Step-by-Step Advising Guide & FAQ For All Undergraduate Dance/Theatre Majors

The School of Theatre & Dance has two types of Advising Worksheets:

  • Degree Planning Worksheet (DPW): The DPW is designed to help you plan and track your degree progress as you meet with your faculty advisor. You will also need to turn the sheet in with your graduation application.
  • Advising Roadmap/Focus Area Advising Sheet: The Roadmap/Advising Area Sheets is a guide on the order you need to take the core curriculum and an outline the core focus area requirements.

Before meeting with your advisor fill out your personal information at the top of the worksheet and make sure the Theatre & Dance courses you have already completed have been recorded and checked off on your DPW. You can check the DPW against your unofficial transcript, which can be found in your Student Center.

You will also use the DPW to track your course waiver/transfer approvals for Theatre & Dance courses. Do not list transfer courses that have not yet been approved. Course transfers can be discussed with your advisor but the person who teaches the course at SF State must give final approval. Students transferring from Community Colleges within California can see courses that automatically articulate/transfer by viewing the Transfer Credit Report found in the Academic drop-down menu in your Student Center or at

Update your Degree Planning Worksheet every semester. It is a document you will need when applying for graduation.

Each semester, take an updated worksheet and a recent unofficial SF State transcript when you meet with your advisor. Please follow your advisor’s advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses should I take FIRST?

Ideally, all new students should contact a major advisor as soon as possible. General advice for new students can be found on the SF State Advising Hub. The information posted on the Advising Hub comes directly from the School of Theatre & Dance. The only advice that supersedes the information on the Advising Hub is advice directly from your major advisor.

If advice from the Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) contradicts the Advising Hub information, contact your major advisor or the Director of the School of Theatre & Dance immediately.

Dance Majors

Newly enrolled students should take the following courses when entering the program:

  • DANC 170 Integrated Dance Technique: This is a gateway course that is required of all new Theatre students. Course Waivers or Substitutions are not accepted for this course.
  • See a Dance Faculty Advisor for additional courses.

Theatre Arts Majors

Newly enrolled students should take the following courses when entering the program:

  • TH A 101 Orientation to Theatre Arts: This is a gateway course that is required of all new Theatre students and should be taken your first semester. Not taking this class in your first semester will impede on your degree progress. Course Waivers or Substitutions are not accepted for this course.
  • TH A 130 Acting Workshop I: This is a core course that is required of all new Theatre students regardless of area of focus. It is recommended you take this class your first semester.
  • TH A 205 Intro to Technical Theatre & Design: This is a core course that is required of all new Theatre students regardless of area of focus. You will need to take this course during one of your first two semesters.

What happens if I leave required core course(s) to take in my last semester or two?

The courses you need may not be offered that semester or the schedule may not work. You will probably not be able to graduate the semester you plan to and will have to return to school to take any required core courses. Therefore, prioritize and take courses in the suggest order first!

I don’t have a Major Advisor, what do I do?

Yes you do! Read below

Who is my Advisor?

ALL Dance & Theatre Arts B.A. degree students have an allocated advisor. You can find a list of our Faculty Advisors under the Advising Overview section of our website.

Do I have to see an Advisor?

Yes, because major and other requirements as well as semester course offerings may change. Your advisor will help you plan your major—and graduate on time.

How often should I see my Advisor?

Visit your advisor once a semester, ideally before you register for classes for the upcoming semester.

When can I visit my Advisor?

The best time to meet with your advisors is during drop-in office hours. These will be posted in the School Office (CA 103) and can be found on the People section of our website. If there are no office hours posted email your advisor to find out their office hours or other they are available to meet with you. Take your updated Degree Planning Worksheet and unofficial transcripts with you for all meetings with your advisor.

I have courses from a prior school that I would like considered for courses in my Theatre Arts Major, how do I find out if they are equivalent?

Meet with your advisor with printed copies of your transcripts from both SF State and your previous school to discuss your transfer courses, then approach faculty who teach the specific course/s for evaluation. If approved, faculty will sign your worksheet.

You can also check your Transfer Credit Report in your Student Center or to find out if the course automatically transfers through an articulation agreement with your previous institution.

Do Community/Junior College courses count for upper division SF State Courses?

No, all Community College courses are LOWER division. SF State lower division courses are DANC/THA 299 or below. Upper division courses are numbered DANC/THA 300 and above. Ask your advisor for help with transfer courses + take printed copies of your transcripts from your previous institution.

Do all Dance/Theatre Arts courses on the Schedule count towards the B.A. Degree?

No. Each area of study has its own list of 45 Units of required core and approved electives. Please see your advisor to make sure you are on track. You can also find a Degree Roadmaps outlining the requirement for each area of study on the Advising Worksheet section of our website.

How many Units do I need to graduate?

120 units in total, but they must meet all major, general education and University requirements. Therefore, remember to visit undergraduate general education advisors on campus for advising about general education and University requirements. The Theatre Arts and Dance B.A. degrees both have 45 required units in the major. Most students meet GE requirements within 65 units. NOTE: You can satisfy the major requirements (45) AND the GE requirements (65) and NOT be eligible for graduation. ALL students must have earned 120 units to graduate.