B.A. in Dance

The 45-unit Bachelor of Arts in Dance provides professional preparation in dance and an opportunity to study dance performance, choreography, teaching and dance theory. The goal of the program is to help students develop strong foundational skills and knowledge necessary for a variety of professional careers. SF State dancers have established their own companies, performed with professional companies, developed careers in kindergarten through grade 12 education or supplemented their education for work in private dance or Pilates studios.

Independent Study Projects (DANCE 699)

The School of Theatre and Dance encourages the involvement of students in the vast and diverse professional Bay Area Dance Community. Independent Study, Dance 699, credit may be requested for special study of technique or performance, for returning professionals for continuing work in the field, for research projects and/or community service learning internship in conjunction with a class offered by the SF State dance program (i.e. Dance 560, Dance 340, Dance 300).

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Independent Study Project Requirements

Dance 699 Independent Study projects must meet the following conditions and considerations:

  1. 699 Requests must be set up with a full–time faculty member during the first two weeks of the semester of the project, with the exception of summer internships approved before the end of the previous spring semester. Forms for Independent Study (699, 899) are available from the Registrar's Office website and should be filled out in order to receive registration details from your adviser.
  2. To earn 699 grades for off-campus performance experiences, student must give program bio credit to the SF State Dance program.
  3. For technique study experience, the student must have exhausted options for technique study on campus and provide compelling reasons for the independent study project. At the time of the request, the student must have made arrangements with an instructor at a professional studio and agree to pay all expenses and/or liabilities for the instruction and for travel to and from the professional studio. The student should also have in hand at the time of the request a written agreement from the cooperating professional off campus to submit a final assessment of the student’s work by the last day of classes.

Independent Study Grades and Assessment

Student must turn in portfolio of project with DVD, program, journal and/or a self-analysis of the performance or dance form study. Students must also supply proof of attendance with the instructor. Assessments by the cooperating professional should be submitted directly to the full-time faculty adviser to the independent study project. It is the responsibility of the 699 student to have this completed by the last day of classes before the exam period begins.

Independent Study Application (PDF)