Much Ado About Nothing

Event Date: Thursday, December 3 - 8:00 pm to Sunday, December 6 - 8:00 pm
Much Ado Abut Nothing

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Bruce Avery

Set in Post WWI San Francisco, love’s in the air when Don Pedro’s army, drunk with victory from the war, descends upon Leonato’s country estate in Messina. Traveling with him is Claudio, who wants to marry Leonato’s daughter Hero. Meanwhile, Claudio’s friend Benedick and Leonato’s lively niece Beatrice hide their mutual attraction behind a volley of witty insults. But their world is shattered when Claudio, influenced by a scheming malcontent, levels a shocking accusation at Hero. A linguistically challenged guard and his sidekicks uncover the plot, casting a beam of hopefulness in this tempestuous landscape of love.

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