Swimming in the Shallows

Event Date: Sunday, February 14 - 7:00 pm
Location: Creative Arts 104, The Lab
Swimming in the Shallows poster

"Swimming in the Shallows" tells the story of four friends who are each confronted with a crossroad in their lives, and are discovering their fears and hopes about love, independence, and their own meaning of happiness. Throw in a surprisingly human shark, a desperately confused husband, and a lot of laughs, and you've got quite a journey through the ups and downs of self-discovery.


  • Barb: Roni Espinoza
  • Carla Carla: Desireé Marie Juanes
  • Nick: Casey Robert Spiegel
  • Donna: Julia Caadium
  • The Shark: Nate Budroe
  • Bob: Jarret Spiler
  • Featured Female: Audrey Ann Janner
  • Featured Male: Max Seijas
School of Theatre and Dance