‘Keep Working, Keep Striving’: Faculty Give Remote Learning Advice for Students, Peers

Monday, August 31, 2020
Jennifer Mylander speaking into webcam while seated with plants and a keyboard behind her

With classes moving to a remote format, three faculty members have encouraged confidence, understanding and resilience among each other and with students.

“Keep working, keep striving. Don’t give up,” School of Theatre & Dance Lecturer Terry Boero said in one of two YouTube videos filmed in the spring semester.

Jennifer Mylander, associate professor of English Language and Literature, advised students to remain confident that they are making progress on their work.

“Progress is small. It’s subtle; it’s sophisticated,” she said. “It’s difficult to see when you’re right up close to it.”

In English Language and Literature Assistant Professor Bridget Gelms’ classes, students have participated in informal, online “study halls.” They set weekly goals, share recipes and support each other. She said it helps maintain a sense of community — “being good humans and checking in with each other and making sure we are all OK.”

“One day we’re all going to look back on this, and we’re going to look back with the wisdom of years behind us,” Boero added. “We’re going to look back with the wisdom of, ‘We survived.’ … Please, don’t give up. You can do it.”

— Sreang Hok and Matt Itelson



Produced by Sreang Hok