Assistant Professor Elizabeth Bradley Hunter to Moderate Panel on Theatre + Immersive Technology

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
“Inworlds” virtual reality and live theatre performance

Theatre + VR/AR/MR/XR is an industry and academy roundtable discussion that will explore how theatres use immersive technology, if story changes in a headset, if virtual reality/augmented reality will replace live theatre, accessibility issues and career options.

The event is hosted by the Fabula(b) in the SF State School of Theatre and Dance, in partnership with SF State’s School of Theatre and Dance, School of Design and Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability and the CSU Entertainment Alliance.

Roundtable participants are:

  • Elizabeth Bradley Hunter, assistant professor of Theatre Studies, SFSU (moderator)
  • Joshua McVeigh-Schultz, assistant professor of Visual Communication Design, SFSU
  • Steve Horowitz, audio director, Nickelodeon Digital and Lecturer of Composition and Music for Games/Film, SFSU
  • Steve Boyle, CEO, Epic Immersive
  • And more to be confirmed

Join us on Tuesday, February 4 from 3pm-5pm for a roundtable discussion and networking.

Want to try some VR? Stop by LIB 260 between 10am–2pm on 2/4 to sample SFSU student VR projects and the highly anticipated live theatre + VR experience, THE UNDER PRESENTS, on the new Oculus Quest.

Fabula(b)About Fabula(b)

Founded by Dr. Hunter, Fabula(b) is a theatre and technology project that uses new immersive technology to interrogate liveness, presence, and the role of the participatory audience in a mediatized culture. The projects and papers we create align with humanities research wherein the generative complements the theoretical as an epistemology.


Photo: "Inworlds" virtual reality and live theatre performance. Courtesy of Mike Mendel and Secret Portal.