Announcing Our Fall 2020 Virtual Season

Friday, July 31, 2020
Fall 2020 Virtual Season Banner

Please join us, for our first full semester during this extraordinary and historic year. We will be challenging our perceptions of what live performance can be and will be in the future.

During the Spring 2020 semester, Water by the Spoonful, by Quiara Alegría Hudes, was designed by students for our Little Theatre stage. We are now transforming their ideas into a remote presentation. All other pieces this semester have been developed with remote/virtual presentation in mind.

Audition notices and box office information will be posted and distributed in the near future.

We appreciate your support and dedication to the importance of arts in all of our lives!

Kim Schwartz
Director, School of Theatre & Dance


Water by the Spoonful
by Quiara Alegría Hudes

Directed by Rhonnie Washington
November 5 - 14

Somewhere in Philadelphia, Elliot has returned from Iraq and is struggling to find his place in the world. Somewhere in a chat room, recovering addicts keep each other alive, hour by hour, day by day. The boundaries of family and community are stretched across continents and cyberspace as birth families splinter and online families collide. Pulitzer Prize Winner, Water by the Spoonful, is a heartfelt meditation on lives on the brink of redemption.

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by Melanie Marnich

Directed by Laura Wayth
November 17 - 20

Lucy is on a cross-country mission, looking for the love of her life. Her journey takes her across the American landscape, through hilarious and eccentric relationships in which time and emotion pass in a warped instant. When her quest becomes intertwined with that of a quirky female serial killer (an astrophysicist gone bad), the landscape changes once again, as they cross state lines and faultlines, exploring the geography of the human heart.

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Three Week Challenge
Produced by SF State Students

September 29 - 30

This rapid fire production challenges the students enrolled in the New Play Development class to analyze, produce and perform staged readings of 6 plays in less than 3 weeks. Join us as we meet the Three Week Challenge.

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University Dance Theatre

Directed by Ray Tadio
December 3 - 6

UDT faculty choreographers Kara Davis, dana fitchett, ArVejon Jones, and Ray Tadio investigate human connectivity in a time of forced isolation through short dance films. UDT dancers will also represent the School of Theatre & Dance at the system-wide CSU Dance Collective Virtual Concert.

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Learning Alone: College in the Time of Corona
A Devised Radio Drama

Directed by Bruce Avery
December 8 - 11

A new devised piece drawn from our students' personal experience during the current pandemic. These will be stories of people learning alone, while also learning to be alone. The actors will be speaking their parts…alone. The auditors will be hearing those parts on their headphones and creating pictures in their imaginations…alone. As the auditors listen by themselves, they will be imagining other people being alone. Perhaps, we will all feel a bit less lonely.

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New Plays New Days

Written and Directed by SF State Students
December 15 - 16

It's a new day and we need new plays! Plays written by the next generation of playwrights, plays that voice the days we wake up to and brave the nights when we close our eyes to dream. This Fall the New Play Development class presents their world.

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Shelter in Shakespeare

Directed by Kurt Daw

“Much of his [Shakespeare’s] work was composed, if not in lockdown, then in the shadow of a highly infectious disease without a known cure.” – Prof. Emma Smith, Oxford University

Students from this semester's Understanding and Performing Shakespeare course will share Shakespeare inspired creative projects based on their own personal experiences while sheltering in place.

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