Spring Awakening


Director's Note

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to direct Spring Awakening: The Musical. I've had a long history with this play and love this story. There is such a deep talent pool at the School of Theatre & Dance, and I could have cast the Musical a few times over! The Design team was so inspired and the work was stunning.

What a gorgeous cast I had, and am so grateful to them for their work. It was a joy to be in the room with them! They were working so hard on the music, dance, and in rehearsals with me, Dee, and ArveJon. The work they were doing was stunning- each one of them had so much to give, were going all in, and I was so inspired by them. I'm so sorry we were not able to do it this Spring or even next Fall.

- Tracy Ward, Director

Cast & Crew


Chloe Little Wendela
Ava Venezia Martha
Kennedy Fullard Thea
Paola Gaona Anna
Jasmine Cook Ilse
Alexander Gonzales Melchior
Zack Zaballos Mortiz
Al Niotta Hanschen
Umali Horne Ernst
Michel Harris Georg
Colin Hollander Otto
Gwyneth Forrester Adult Woman
Hector Guillen Adult Man


Tracy Ward Director
Dee Spencer Music Director
Jazmine Logan Asst. Director/Dramaturg
Christian Cantrell Asst. Music Director
ArVejon Jones Choreographer
Juliann Stiny Asst. Choreographer
Camryn Daniels Stage Manager
Sydney Blake Asst. Stage Manager
Patricia Tomita Asst. Stage Manager
Maddie Carr Scenic Designer
Miriam Lewis Costume Designer
Jess Alder Costume Assistant
Sharon Robinson Costume Assistant
Charlie Mejia Lighting Designer
Camille Rassweiller Sound Designer
Alan Huang Prop Designer
Clint Sides Dramaturg




Props Research

by Alan Huang


Dramaturgical Research

by Jasmine Logan and Clint Sides

Costume Design


by Miriam Lewis


by Miriam Lewis


by Miriam Lewis


by Miriam Lewis


by Miriam Lewis


by Miriam Lewis


by Miriam Lewis


by Miriam Lewis

Set Design

set model

Designed by Maddie Carr

scenic pieces

Designed by Maddie Carr

Built by ThA 210 Lab. The pieces were set to be painted before the campus closure. 


Designed by Maddie Carr

Built by ThA 210 Lab. The pieces were set to be painted before the campus closure.