David Morris


An San Francisco State University Theater alumni, David Morris (2002) has worked in production and related industries since graduation. At satoriteller, founded by fellow almna Lisa Sato (2002), David is the Director of Operations and Business Development. He has helped build the business and is working to curate interesting clients and productions. satoriteller is an experiential production studio specializing in developing unusual solutions to the common problem of making events more than moments to reflect brand or identity and striving to make moments truly memorable by folding culturally and or artistically relevant experiences into each event. satoriteller is comprised of artists that develop designs specific to each event in a way that creates a fabric for the attendee to be surrounded and supported. Using sensor technologies to capture user’s physical interactions, imagery, and other information custom technology provides the ability to projection map and track in new and compelling ways. Using new and interesting methods to develop 3D content in a near real time render environment to avoid content choke points in pre-production development and onsite when things change. Subsequently using captured data as real time reinforcement in a number of fun and innovative ways enclosures, surfaces, and physical elements are designed to create tangible connections with an audience.