Production Photos, Marisol, Fall 2021

An actor in the role of "Lenny" shows off a metal wire sculpture to an actor playing "Marisol," telling Marisol it is a portrait of her
Three Latinx actors in an onstage fight. A tall male actor with a ponytail and Rolling Stones T-shirt, a female actor in a pink blouse, grey skirt, and black boots, held back by a female actor in a grey plaid jacket, black pants, and red shoes
An actor portraying "Man with Ice Cream" wearing a straw brimmed hat menaces the actor playing Marisol, who is dressed for the office
Actor playing Marisol, with long brown hair and a yellow sweatshort, confronts actor playing the angel standing on a stepladder with dredlocked hair and leather pants, holding her wings in her hands
A Black actor dressed as an angel hands something to a Latinx actor in a Virgen of Guadalupe t-shirt. The lighting is dim and amber with glowing blue lights in the background and a painting of an angel with children
The actor playing Marisol attempts to comfort the actor playing Lenny who is pregnant and visibly showing. The lighting is dim and blue and dramatic.
The actor playing the woman in furs dressed in zebra stripes holds a gun at the actor playing Marisol who is on her knees in blue light
Cast photo of Marisol Cast in costume, each lit by a dim spotlight with blue practical lighting and a suggestion of a brick wall in the background