Midsummer Night's Dream 2022 Production Photos

Two actors on bended knee flank a third actor with long blond hair and glases
a group of actors appear as in a trance, streaked with colorful but dim lighting
Two actors cuddle on a blanket in a purple light while a thrid actor approaches them from stage right
Group of four actors in workperson clothing, one appears to be roaring at the camera
A large group of students and faculty gathered on the stage and smiling at the camera
A woman with long blond hair being carried away by a group of actors being chased by another woman with dark hair and a blue sweater
Four actors onstage, two of them sitting at the extreme front edge of the stage watched by two from the background
Two actors cuddling on a blanket in a purple light whil and actor behind them plays a keytar
A closeup of two acotr's faces illuminated by a red light
A group of acotrs in festive wedding garb celebrate around a low table, confetti at their feet