The School of Theatre & Dance does not require an audition to be admitted to the Undergraduate Theatre Program.



No opportunities at this time


Admittance to the Dance program is not dependent on audition however we do require that all first semester dance majors attend a Dance Placement Audition.



Welcome and Advising Session for all new Dance Majors and Minors

Our Dance Faculty hold a required Welcome & Advising Session at the start of each semester. Please check back for the Spring 2021 Advising Session information.  

Welcome & Advising Session FAQs

Q: Who is the Welcome and Advising Session for?
A: The Welcome and Advising Session is for all new and prospective Dance Majors and Minors who will be enrolled at SFSU for the Fall 2020 semester.

Q: Why has the placement audition been cancelled?
A: In the interest of maintaining the health and safety of our campus community, all classes at SFSU will be offered online for the Fall 2020 semester. Since we will not be meeting in-person, we have moved the placement audition online and will be focusing on advising rather than placement in technique classes.

Q: What classes should I enroll in?
A: All new and prospective Dance Majors and Minors are required to enroll in DANC 170: Integrated Dance Technique. DANC 170 meets on Mon/Wed/Fri 12-1:40 pm.

Q: Is DANC 170 the only dance technique class I am allowed to enroll in?
A: Students may be concurrently enrolled in Level II-III technique classes as long as they are also enrolled in DANC 170. Permit numbers will be distributed at the Welcome and Advising Session.

Q: Should I wait until Spring 2021 to take DANC 170 in-person?
A: Since Dance 170 is the prerequisite for all other Level II-III technique classes, students who are enrolled at SFSU during the Fall 2020 semester should enroll in the course. While the dance faculty acknowledge that an online dance technique class is not the same as a face-to-face course, enrolling in DANC 170 will allow dancers to develop a regular movement practice to maintain strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Q: The system won’t let me enroll in DANC 170. What should I do?
A: If you are having trouble enrolling in DANC 170, please contact Professor Ray Tadio at

Q: I am not officially declared a Dance Major or Dance Minor. What should I do?
A: Register for and Attend the Welcome and Advising Session on Sat. Aug 15.

Q: Who should I contact for advising?
A: Ray Tadio (all students whose last name begins with A-M)
Dr. Yutian Wong (all students who last name begins with N-Z)

Other Information

Junior Transfers should plan to enroll in the following courses:
DANC 170: Integrated Dance Technique
DANC 304: Dance Medicine or DANC 232: Dance Composition 1
DANC 350: Dance Aesthetics or DANC/ANTH 657: Dance Ethnography or DANC 300: Dance Org Strategies (GWAR)

Cinema Student Film Audition

No opportunities at this time