Costume, Prop & Scenic Rentals

Costume, Prop & Scenic Rentals

Rentals are available for on campus projects including but not limited to: theatre production and workshops, films, dance, fashion, art, as well as local non-profit theatre and K-12 school communities. Rentals are not available for parties or for-profit ventures.

Shops are open by appointment only. At this time we are unable to accommodate walk-ins or classroom tours.

What We Rent


Clothing, sunglasses, jewelry, hats. This is where you go when you want items that are worn by actors.

Link to Costume Shop policies and rental form.


Furniture, hand props, set decor. This is where you go when you want items for actors to use and to decorate a set.

Link to Prop Shop policies and rental form.


Flats, platforms, doors, and windows. This is where you go when you want to build a physical space.

Link to Scenic Shop policies and rental form.


In order to streamline the rental process please make sure you have done adequate research before you arrive for your appointment. 

Sample research document for props.

Sample props list for rental.

Sample ground plan for scenic.

Shop Closures

Rentals are closed when campus is closed. For a full list of campus closures check here:

If you are working on a project that spans a recess (spring or fall), winter break, or summer please send an email to confirm shop availability during these times.