Chauncey K. Robinson


Chauncey K. Robinson is a 2015 graduate of San Francisco State University, where she received her bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts. Since graduating from San Francisco State University she has used her love for writing and story telling to highlight social justice issues affecting working class people through play writing, journalism, and multi-media. Chauncey is currently on the editorial board for the award winning international online news publication People’s World, where she also serves as a journalist for the daily news source. She has traveled to number of places across the country, and the globe — recently to Vietnam — to cover stories affecting every day people and our world. Since graduation she has had a number of published articles featured on and around the web-sphere. She believes that art and creativity, in any capacity, should help to reflect the world around us, and be one of the tools to help bring about progressive change. The multi-media play, SEEDS, which Chauncey is co-producer of, highlights the story of a Black queer revolutionary, and was commissioned to premiere at the 2016 National Queer Arts Festival, sponsored by the Queer Cultural Center of San Francisco. Chauncey is grateful for her time at SF State because she believed it enabled her to bring creativity in all aspects of her life and work.